Mailer: Peace on Earth

The three simple words “Peace on Earth” are often a far-fetched concept in today’s world where our lives are colored by such things as grief, and pain, and war. But there is a peace we can experience. The peace of Christ. As we celebrate Christmas, may we ponder the birth of Jesus Christ so many years ago in a humble stable half a world away. It was his birth that marked the beginning of a story… a story that allows us to experience true peace today. At Sample Church, we invite you to dwell upon that and find peace in your heart this Christmas.

Customization Details: No design changes to front or headline on the back.

*We want your card to reflect your church and feel personal. With most designs, we can accommodate reasonable requests for image changes, text color changes, and other design tweaks. Some customization requests may incur additional fees.

Jumbo attention-grabbing size (11”x5.67”)

All mailers are eligible to mail at USPS letter rates

All mailers are offset printed for best quality

4-color customized graphics on both sides

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